Photographers in North Myrtle Beach

Photographers in North Myrtle Beach

When selecting photographers in North Myrtle Beach, or Myrtle Beach it pays to do some research. There are several “stay at home mom’s” that got a camera for Christmas posing as professionals. There are also people with day jobs doing this on the side literally stealing food off the tables of “real professional photographers”. Every year hundreds of picture takers pose as professional photographers to take the awaiting money of vulnerable tourists. So how do you avoid this?

How to choose a legitimate professional photographer

Google is no longer a reliable source for choosing a professional in any field, in addition neither is facebook. You as the client have the responsibility of asking questions up front. Do some research before choosing photographers in North Myrtle Beach. Ask the photographer for license, and insurance information. Ask what type of equipment that they use, and if they hesitate, or put you on hold, just hang up. Additionally ask the photographer if they have a day job, and do this on the side, or only at night. Beware of Snappr , and Thumbtack. Their “picture takers” are not professional or vetted!

Clues to picking the correct photographer

If the photographer picks up the phone on the first or second ring that is a very good sign! If it goes to voicemail that usually means that the “picture taker” has a full time job, and does photography on the side. If they call you back within 5 minutes that a good sign as well, but not equal to answering the phone the first time. It’s our goal to deliver the best beach portraits in the Horry County area.

The best photographers in Myrtle Beach

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that North Myrtle Beach Photography has been the most chosen photographers in North Myrtle Beach for the past 15 years. It is our pleasure to serve you and your family. Click here for our portraits packages. 




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