Myrtle Beach Family Portraits

 Myrtle Beach family portraits sessions from North Myrtle Beach Photography. We are the leader in family beach portraits in North Myrtle Beach. In addition, we realize that families are like finger prints, (no two are alike). Additionally each session is customized based on your families photography needs.  Our photographers love children. I myself , have more than ten years of early childhood development experience. Each of us is experienced in correlating and photographing newborns, infants,  and children. As well as children with special needs. We realize there are many photo studios in the Myrtle Beach area to choose from. Additionally we strive to offer the best service and product while maintaining affordable prices. Our goal is to keep you returning as our clients. Including our new friends every time you visit the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach family photographers that actually care. 

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       Family portraits packages for Myrtle Beach & North Myrtle Beach

These are a collection of the best photography packages in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to read them carefully when choosing a package. Photo sessions are geared to each individual family preference. In addition if you need a custom photo package, just ask. What you see on this photography website is what you get. This is the style of photography that we offer. It is artistically finished in exquisite fashion. We will ask you questions when you call in. In as much we will also point you toward the recommended package.

Myrtle Beach photography mini sessions


The Mini includes 20 minutes of family or group photography for up to 6 people. Furthermore all retouched high resolution images, (normally 15-20)are  available. Likewise unlimited digital download on our online gallery. Not to mention high resolution digital photos including copyright release. As a matter of fact the document is mailed directly to you. In general this is the perfect session for greeting cards. Including invitations, that wall portrait that you’ve been wanting, and head-shots. The perfect Myrtle Beach family beach portraits package.

The mini Gold package(new)

All new for this year is the “mini Gold package”. Soon to be our most popular photography package. 30 solid minutes of unlimited exposures! That’s right 30 minutes, and up to 7 people. Yes you get High resolution with all pics. Yes you will receive digital downloads  for the next 7 years! How much is it? Wait for it…….. $299! So you get the most awesome photographers in Myrtle Beach, and the best rates! We normally do not compete with the discount photographers. This is our gift to our new families needing photography in Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach.

The Expressive Gold Package


The Expressive is a thirty minute portrait session designed to accommodate families and groups of 8-12 people. This package includes all retouched high resolution images, (normally 35-40), available for digital download  on our online gallery and  high resolution digital photos including a copyright release document mailed directly to your home address. This is the Myrtle Beach family photographers most popular package.

The Expressive platinum “45” package 


The Expressive Platinum  includes everything our Expressive package includes(1-14 people) “plus” an additional 15 minutes and normally 50-55 high resolution images. This 45 minute session is designed for families with small children or children with special needs. It also appeals to the client who would like to have a little more variety in posing, would like wardrobe changes, focus on individual photos, and candid shots. I also suggest this package if your family includes a member with four legs and fur. Add $75 for an extra 15 minutes

The Expressive “Larger” Group Gold


The Expressive Group is a thirty minute portrait session. It’s designed to accommodate large families and groups up to 20 people. This package includes all retouched high resolution images. The pic count is normally 40-50. Also available for digital download  on our online gallery. In addition high resolution digital photos. Also included is a copyright release document mailed directly to your home address.

The Expressive Group Platinum


The Expressive Group Plus includes everything the Expressive Group includes. In additional thirty minutes and normally 60+ high resolution images. The flagship in Myrtle Beach family photography. This one hour package is perfect for large groups up to 20 people. Notably numerous families consisting of small children or children with special needs. This package is perfect for the large groups who want specific specialized portraits. Especially of the individual families, sibling shots, grandparents/grandchildren etc.

The Myrtle Beach family Reunion photo package


The Reunion is an hour portrait session of Myrtle Beach family photography. Certainly designed to accommodate very large families and reunions of  more than 20 people. You will receive one large group shot and as many specific and or specialized photos as time allows. You will receive normally 60+ high resolution images available for unlimited downloads. As well as one high resolution disc. Together with copyright release form mailed directly to your home.

Myrtle Beach Photography Add-ons

  • Would you like to reserve more time? As well as get a larger variety of poses? Not to mention wardrobe changes, specific and or specialized portraits? Additional time can be added to any portrait session. Equally in increments of fifteen minutes at the above rate(excluding the mini session).
  • Would you like to additional retouching of your Myrtle Beach family pictures? For instance all our portrait sessions include basic retouching. This includes things such as lighting, and cropping. Likewise removing objects and people that are IN FOCUS etc. Our editing package is $150~ per 10 photos. This includes editing and photo-shopping. Including various things such as smoothing and clearing blemishes and scars from your skin. Enhancing your portraits by brightening your eyes and whitening your teeth etc. In detail Myrtle Beach family pictures you’ll never forget! Check out our blog for examples for Myrtle Beach family photographers.
  • Don’t forget to check out some of our latest work. We post regularly on Facebook. For those who use social media as an outlet . You can access facebook here. 
  • Please take your photographers advice on suggested times. We want the optimal lighting for your session. The time of your session with weather is crucial, and is more important that trying to catch that show or dinner. Our photos will be with you forever, the dinner will not.

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