Family Photography Myrtle Beach, how to find it?

So, you have been planning this family beach vacation all year long. The question is family photography in Myrtle Beach, how to find it? You have the best resort in the Myrtle Beach area. Additionally the activities planned out, you even mapped out the restaurants! Also you are planning the meals for every day. Sunblock? Check! Flip-flops? Check! But wait a minute! What about that family beach portrait that you have been putting off year after year. The same ones that your neighbors “the Jones family” hangs on their wall every year, you know that huge 20×30 canvas on their living room wall that actually proves they went to Myrtle Beach on vacation! Well this year is going to be different. This year you are going to get an awesome pic for your wall, and maybe a few other pics to go along with it. So where do you start looking?

Where to find a family beach photographer

Now that you have committed to doing a family beach portraits session in Myrtle Beach, how do you find the right photographer? Well the first place to look naturally is Google. Then you get the “sticker shock”! Professionals in Myrtle Beach start out at $500 plus for a complete session. And that’s the discounted ones. Most of these companies reel you in with a “sitting fee”, and then lower the “boom” with a “digital package”.

Beware of the “so called professional” photographer

Please do not fall for the “cheapo” photographers pretending to be “professional”, most of them not even licensed, or insured. Not to mention still shooting with outdated, “crop sensor” DSLR’s with kit lenses. So how do you get an “affordable professional photographer in Myrtle Beach”? Good question.

The solution to affordable professional family beach portraits.

North Myrtle Beach Photography has spent years of research. The result has been coming up with the “all-around” best photo package. Especially in the Myrtle Beach area from a “true” professional photographer. A great article on how to choose a a photographer click here. 

Choosing family photography Myrtle Beach area

We eliminated the “sitting fees”, we eliminated the term “sheets”, we eliminated up-sell, and even eliminated “fine print”.  There is no professional in North Myrtle Beach that has our package beat! You cannot find another photography company in North Myrtle Beach that will give you a set time. Including unlimited exposures, poses, clothing changes, and any combination of people. Along with retouching of the pics, digital web access with unlimited downloads. Not to mention a “Hi-res” photo disc. Along with the copyright release as affordable as North Myrtle Beach Photography.

North Myrtle Beach Photography


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